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Why School Card?

Compared to public reviews

Confused about conflicting reviews from different sources?

Other Review Sources

Subjective opinions from various individuals, often influenced by personal experiences and biases.

Limited scope and depth, often focusing on isolated incidents rather than comprehensive analysis.

Varied credibility and reliability, making it difficult to trust the authenticity of the reviews.

Lack of personalization, unable to provide insights tailored to your child's unique needs and potential.

School Card

AI-driven precision, providing data-driven analysis based on objective criteria and performance indicators.

Comprehensive evaluation, examining multiple aspects of the school's environment, curriculum, and support systems.

Unparalleled reliability, leveraging advanced algorithms to ensure accurate and trustworthy results.

Personalized insights, offering predictions specific to your child's abilities, interests, and learning style.

Tired of sorting through reviews?

Other Review Sources

Time-consuming and overwhelming to sort through multiple reviews with varying levels of detail.

Limited access to specific data and statistics, making it challenging to make informed decisions.

Inconsistent and scattered information, making it hard to form a cohesive understanding of the school's performance.

School Card

Streamlined and efficient, providing concise yet comprehensive reports for quick decision-making.

Access to in-depth data and statistics, empowering you with valuable insights for confident choices.

Organized and structured information, facilitating a clear understanding of the school's strengths and areas for improvement.

Not sure which source to trust?

Other Review Sources

Difficulty in verifying the credibility and authenticity of reviewers, potentially leading to biased or unreliable information.

Lack of predictive capabilities, leaving you uncertain about your child's potential success at the school

School Card

Trustworthy source, eliminating concerns about biased or false reviews, as our AI-driven assessments rely on objective analysis.

Predictive power, offering you valuable foresight into your child's academic performance and social development within the school environment.

What you would get

Personal Analysis for Your Child

Tailored Academic Insights

School Card provides a personalized analysis of your child's academic potential at a specific school. Based on their unique strengths, learning style, and interests, you'll gain valuable insights into how well they'll thrive in the school's environment.

Informed Decision-Making

Empower yourself with data-driven decision-making. With the School Card in hand, you'll confidently choose the best school match for your child, ensuring they receive the optimal support and opportunities to flourish academically and socially.

College & Career Prediction

School Card goes beyond the classroom, offering a glimpse into your child's future. Predict their readiness for college and career success at a specific school based on real data!

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How it works

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With SchoolCard, you can confidently make informed decisions about your child's education. Embrace the future of school reviews and unlock the insights that matter most!

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Frequently Asked Questions

School Card is a tool that helps parents find a good school for their child. It looks at things like grade level, family background, and more to see how well a school might support your child. It also shows how the school performs in certain areas.

School Card is only $29 a month!

School Card is currently only available in California, but we are working hard to make it available nationwide!

First, you tell the tool about your child's school and some information about your child.
Then, it shows you the results, and you can see how the school might work for your child.

It looks at things like how often kids are absent from school, how many kids finish school, how students behave, how well they do in their studies, how well they speak English, and how prepared they are for college or a job.

You should look at data because it helps you understand how well your child's school is doing in different areas. The data shows things like how many students miss school a lot (absence rate) and how many students graduate (graduation rate). It also tells you how students behave at school (suspension rate) and how well they do in their studies (academic performance). Looking at this information can help you make good choices for your child's education.

School Card is a helpful tool that uses AI to make predictions and takes away the guesswork when choosing the right school for your child. School Card allows you to upload your child’s report cards, school transcripts, attendance record, work samples (including artwork, video, and audio files). It collects and looks at student information like grade level, family background, and more to determine how your child will perform at a school. With School Card, you can quickly see how your child might do in school based on important factors. It's easy to use and gives you instant information to help you make smart choices for your child's education.

A school's attendance rate is important because going to school regularly helps students do better in their studies. When students miss too many days of school, like around two days per month, their grades can go down, and this is called "chronic absenteeism." If lots of students are frequently absent, it might mean there are bigger problems at the school, like issues with the school culture or students not feeling engaged in class. So, it's essential for students to attend school regularly to have a better chance of doing well in their classes.

Graduation Rate: This shows how many students finish school. If the rate is low, it may mean the school needs to support students better.

Suspension Rate: This shows how many students are suspended from school. High rates might mean the school needs to work on how they handle behavior issues.

Doing well in school is good for kids. It helps them feel good about themselves, make friends, and have a better chance for a good job later on.

ESL helps kids who speak another language learn English better so they can do well in school.

Being ready for college or a job after school is important. It helps kids have more opportunities and do well in their future.

You should subscribe because School Card helps you find the best school for your child. It considers important things like grade level, family background, and more to see how well a school will support your child. With School Card, you can quickly know how the school performs and make good choices for your child's education.

Once you have entered your credit card information, you will have access to the Attendance and Student Document page. Here you can enter your child’s daily school attendance and upload School Card allows you the ability to upload your child’s report card, school transcripts, and work samples (including artwork, video, and audio files). It collects and analyzes your child’s data, considering factors like grade level, family background, and more to determine if the school is the best-fit educational environment.

Once you have uploaded your child’s files and work samples, it is analyzed by one of our specialists and then entered into our database. We use quality control measures to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the data that we use about the schools is linked directly to the state reporting systems where the schools’ performance indicators are measured.